Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

A matching blouse design is really crucial to elevate your style in the Kerala saree. Here we present you some of the most famous blouse designs to match up with your traditional style Kerala saree. These Kerala saree blouse designs can help you to get an idea to choose the best design.

Before I can introduce you all to the latest designs we need to talk a little bit about Kerala saree. So do you know the reason why the Kerala saree is so famous?

Kerala saree (kasavu saree) is said to be the most famous attire in Kerala as well as in India.

This handwoven fabric has an off-white hue with different border variations. It’s mainly worn by Malayalee women during their special moments.

That traditional wear has always had a special place within the hearts of the style aware of Indian women and men.

The blouse designs and color choices for styling the off-white Kerala saree are limitless. Earlier, matching this off-white was a thing, but now it’s out of fashion.

It is all about contrast, so pick any color of your choice that will stand out or that matches your skin tone and accessories to add a stunning look.

One great aspect of this dress is how you pair them with pretty blouses.

So, today let’s find out some cool combinations of saree and blouse.

From ravishing gold to emerald green, Kerala kasavu sarees are pretty well suitable with any custom-designed blouse material because of their traditional style beauty. Now you know the reason why Kerala saree is so famous.

Now scroll down to check out your favorite style!

Blouse With Custom Design for Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Custom designs are mostly done for wedding sarees as well as in other party wear sarees. This type of customization can also be done in the Kerala saree as well. Custom designs will fine-tune your style as this type of blouse design are mostly more attractive and would be perfect with your body shape.

Make sure that your blouse design and patterns are eye-catching for a better saree style.

blouse wuth custom designjpeg
Source: Pinterest

Never miss a chance of looking beautiful and unique. The designed blouse material is something that provides beauty to the entire saree.

A new rage among females nowadays is to have a fully customized blouse design that will match your body shape. Customizing the blouse as per your comfort and choice is easier and just looks fab.

After choosing the correct blouse pattern, the next important part is to decide how to customize your blouse sleeves, back design, and most important the front neckline. Take extra care while choosing the neckline as it may affect the overall. The front neckline design can be customized by adding beads, stonework, colorful shimmer work, Kundan work, ari work which further upgrades the blouse.

Just like the above-given picture do some sort of creative design with a close neck pattern to be more attractive on your special day.

Simple Saree Blouse

Some ladies would like to wear a simple plain blouse with their favorite Kerala saree. I am also in love with such a style because simple solid-colored plain blouses with silk sarees impart simplicity with elegance to your overall appearance. Moreover, I can wear this plain blouse and my Kerala saree in non-formal as well as at formal parties.

I suggest you go with minimum work for this type of blouse- just a contrast border to match your saree. Accessorize with just a pair of earrings to complete the traditional look.

Want to possess the design of simplicity yet look ravishing? Well, the above design is for you.

simple saree blouse designs
Source: Pinterest

A kasavu saree paired up with an equivalent off-white round neck half sleeve blouse, with the golden approach the sleeve, alongside golden earrings and necklace is the neatest thing that somebody can pair. Having basic makeup will enhance the design.

Silver Border Kerala Saree With A Black Blouse

That was a superb combo. Am I right?

silver border kerala saree
Courtesy: Tintu Bhadran

Want to seem modest and appealing? This attire will certainly talk much on behalf of you. A brocade back blouse with silver attachments bound up in a set saree with a silver border is an impressive attire. you’ll pair up metal or oxidized silver jewelry with the blouse, to urge a sizzling look!

Kerala Saree With Kalamkari Blouse

kerala saree with kalamkari blouse
Source: Pinterest

Kalamkari blouses are used to amplify the sweetness of those sarees. Give an inventive touch by mixing this beautiful combination.

Mirror Work Blouse

This simple mirror work blouse looks ravishing and uber-cool on a kasavu saree. This is often a symbol that once you pick a vibrant color like this, you will find yourself in an enviable saree style.

Cold Shoulder Blouse

Give a modern spin to your kasavu saree by choosing chic snub blouses. Your saree style can’t get trendier than this.

cold shoulder blouse
Source: Pinterest

Green Saree Blouse

green blouse design
Source: Pinterest

We adore this green blouse and therefore the shoulder embellishment which part a festive appeal to the present white saree. Besides the gorgeous jhumka and bangles, what percentage of you’ve got spotted the beautiful nose pin that compliments the saree here?

Royal Blue Blouse

This combination is bliss. A royal blue round neck blouse of half sleeve blouse along with kasavu mundu will make your look stunning and also different. You can add a choker and bangles of blue and silver color.

Maroon Blouse For Kerala Saree

When in doubt about all the other fancier options, wear a simple maroon blouse for your Kerala saree.

Here may be a red full sleeve blouse with golden flowerings printed thereon which is completely stunning! the mixture of this blouse with kasavu saree may be a classy combination. Golden jhumkas and red lipstick alongside this blouse would surely get you some great compliments.

puff saree blouse
Source: Pinterest

Add the same colored belt like this. Fabric belts are those that match your saree perfectly. It is often a cloth strip of your saree, border, or an identical print that you simply become a belt saree. In other words, they accentuate curves without taking attention far away from the saree.

Puff Sleeve Blouse

Puff sleeves are a classic and they work best with traditional Kerala sarees. Choose an excellent long puff sleeve in black with silver border detail and jasmine flowers in hair can create a beautiful outlook. This look may be a fail-proof wedding or special day attire.

puff sleeve blouse 1
Courtesy: Salini

Double Coloured Blouse

double coloured saree blouse
Source: Pinterest

This look is so colorful and trendy. Pairing up a kasavu saree with a multi-colored blouse having various designs of primary colors looks amazingly playful. You’ll look lively and fun-loving with this blouse and also pairing some cool accessories of silver or emerald jewelry will add to the funky look.

So dear friends, if you haven’t yet experimented with these super pretty sarees and blouses, do give them a try. they’re just too adorable to offer a miss.

And the excellent news is, it’s less costly than your silk and designer sarees, but would look ultra-beautiful when styled with the right blouse.

So what about your combo? Let me know your selection.

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