Green Blouse Designs For Kerala Saree

The Kasavu saree from Kerala is the classic festive attire for Malayalee women when it involves special day occasions but with rapid globalization, cultural borders have blurred, and we can identify non-Keralites wearing this.

Then why all are addicted to green blouse designs for Kerala saree?

Finding the perfect blouse design for any occasion can be difficult. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of color to spruce up an outfit.

But if you’re not sure what design is most suitable for the event you’re dressing up for, that can be problematic. Does the blouse need to match the saree? Does it need to match your skin tone? What color should it be?

With so many green blouse designs out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we’ve narrowed down your options for you. Here are three beautiful green blouses designs that work well with a Kerala saree- one with a touch of yellow

The trend of adorning the Kerala saree is expanding beyond borders. 

Am I right?

Definitely, that combo was great. 

Women pair this saree with blouse designs of various patterns, cuts, and hues but the foremost popular choice seems to be pairing white with green.  

Yes you read it right kasavu with a green blouse may be a huge hit with both traditional and modern saree wearers and if you’re having a difficult time deciding what quite a blouse to contrast together with your Kerala saree then look no further and pick green.

Choosing a green blouse can also be tricky because there are many variants of greens available in the shop. Although the selection of green blouses is a little confusing, the neck patterns and sleeve lengths can be varied to provide you with different styles.

Here during this post, I bring back to you a set of green Kerala saree blouse designs you’ll take inspiration from. 

If you would like ideas about Kasavu saree blouse design combinations in green then you must go through the below content.

Get Ready For A New Look With Green Blouse Designs For Kerala Saree

The green blouse design is also known as the “blouse with sleeves.” This blouse design is characterized by its sleeves. The sleeves are long and come down to the wrists. The length of the sleeve can vary, but it usually reaches at least to the elbow.

Originally, this style of the blouse was worn by Victorian women who wanted to cover their cuffs in order to maintain a cleaner appearance. Today, this style has become more popular among people who want to show off their shoulders and arms.

This section is about how the green blouse design became popular in Victorian times and today’s fashion industry.

Dark Green Blouse 1
Source: Pinterest

Types of Kerala Sarees A Green Blouse Can Be Worn With

A green blouse can be worn with any kind of saree design. The best thing about sarees is that they are available in many different designs and styles. You can wear them with a variety of different blouses, but you will need to experiment to find the best one for your frame.

You can wear this color with any type of saree design. The best thing about sarees is that they are available in many different designs and styles. You can wear them with a variety of different blouses, but you will need to experiment to find the best one for your frame.

Fabric Selection

Fabric is the most important part of a garment. It is the first thing that touches your skin and it can make or break your outfit. There are so many types of fabric to choose from, but cotton and silk are two fabrics that are used in many clothing items.

Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from the cotton plant. It has been used for centuries because it is durable, breathable, affordable, and versatile. Cotton fabric comes in different weights – lightweight, medium weight, heavyweight – which can be used for different purposes like shirts, pants, jackets, etc.

Silk is also a natural fiber but unlike cotton, it does not come from plants but rather silkworms. Due to its delicate nature silk tends to be more expensive than cotton and it needs special care when

Choosing The Right Style Of Green Blouse That Fits Your Outfit

Choosing the right green blouse for your outfit is not an easy task. There are many different styles of green blouses available in the market. However, you should always choose the style that suits your body type and outfit.

A dress shirt style of green blouse is best suited for office wear. It will make you look professional and sophisticated at work. If you are wearing a Kerala sari with shirt style, then it will be best to go for a round cut neckline or a scoop neckline that shows off your collarbone.

Full Sleeve Green Blouse

A full-sleeved blouse is elegant and provides you with a stunning look. Choose a darker green shade for the contrast to pop and choose minimal work on the sleeve border and neckline. This green blouse designs for Kerala saree may be amazing on outdoor wedding occasions as well as in traditional wedding parties.

Source : Pinterest

The full sleeve seems to be way more beautiful without any sort of bangles.

And don’t forget to add a simple necklace and jhumkas to give additional makeovers.

Try a full sleeve green blouse with your favorite Kerala saree to make you outstanding on your special day.

Parrot Green Blouse Maggam Work

Bridal collections are always special and trendy. If you are a bride then you must look trendy and stylish. Moreover, it is your wedding day and you have to be pretty beautiful in front of others and at the same time, you need to have a pleasant contemporary touch. 

Parrot green blouse maggam work is a famous piece of art which is designed for bridals like you. 

Parrot Green Blouse with Maggam Work
Courtesy: Padmasree Vijayan

So, What makes this style special?

Let me explain.

Aari/Maggam work is believed to be used by artists in the Moghul empire and consequently became the choice of royals reigning in Northern parts of India. Today, its use is quite popular in Kashmir, Kuth, and Rajasthan.

That means Maggam work makes you a princess.

This work is done using a long hooked needle. Typically it involves creating fine and concentric rings of chain stitch to make elaborate motifs.

Some of you may be thinking about the expense of this special blouse work. Am I right?

This work is not that much expensive. Maggam embroidery can also be done with machines and are comparatively less expensive than hand embroidered blouses.

Kasavu Saree With Sleeveless Green Blouse

For a modern glance, try sleeveless blouses which suit well all Indian skin tones making for a stimulating look for traditional or cultural events.

It’s important to complete the look with the most suitable hairstyle and just add accessories for more prettiness.

Green Blouse With Beads Work

Have any of you ever tried self embroidery works?

Whatever, it is very simple to transform your old blouse into a perfect look with some beads or pearls.

Bead embroidery is an embellishment that can give you a gorgeous look in green blouse designs for Kerala saree.

Green Blouse with Beads Work
Source: Pinterest

A green blouse with beads work can jazz up your entire look.

Pick something similar to the above light green blouse if you are bored of dark greens. Accessorize well and add nude lip color to enhance.

Cold Shoulder Green Blouse With Kasavu Saree

Are you searching for a blend of tradition and modernity?

If you want a perfect charm, including ancient choice and modification, then it is the best.

Let’s mix a stylish flavor at your profile by making it adorable with this cold shoulder blouse. That will let you stay quiet, and your beauty will speak.

If you want to wear something sophisticated but beautiful, then don’t miss picking it.

Valkannadi Mirror Work Blouse

There are a plethora of mirror works but a valkannadi mirror work is always dazzling.

Valkannadi work includes a circular mirror, which is surrounded by an embroidery pattern, embedded in the sleeve.

This work is always appreciated because of its unmatched popularity.

Just try to pair your Kerala saree with a green blouse having valkannadi mirror work on the sleeve to watch you look pop. You can opt for multiple pieces of jewelry with this look or go simple depending upon the occasion.

Mirror Work Blouse
Source: Pinterest

Dark Green Blouse With Kerala Saree

Here, a kasavu saree is paired with a dark green blouse including leaf embroidery on the sleeve.

Dark green blouse with Kerala saree has a vibrant color contrast which can make you shine in the presence of others.

Dark Green Blouse
Source: Pinterest

Green Brocade Blouse With Kasavu Saree

Green Brocade Blouse with Kasavu Saree
Source: Pinterest

This blouse design just demands a good tailor as there is no further handwork involved so anyone can get this look at a budgetary. This look is fit for occasions like festivals or anniversaries.

I am pretty much aware that you all may have noticed this green brocade combo.

Last year, At a wedding ceremony of one of my cousins I accidentally saw this combo. It was simple and stylish in my perspective.

So, don’t hesitate to try one of these as it is simple and cost-effective with a classy look.

Anyone can easily get these. Then why don’t you leave it behind?

Boat Neck Blouse Designs For Kerala Saree

Boat neck blouse designs for the Kerala saree are totally in trend and appear so sophisticated.

Boat Neck Blouse Design
Source: Pinterest

This blouse design is said to be one of the emerging trends in the current scenario.

Furthermore, the Boat neck is somewhat different from other blouse variants just due to its compatibility. It can be easily mixed up with Kerala saree or any other type of sarees as it will always preserve its beauty.

You will try pairing your kasavu saree with a green boat neck blouse with simple cut works like this which makes it even more radiant and festive appropriate.

Quite trendy, I must say. Would you try it?

Vertical Striped Green Blouse

Another gorgeous green blouse idea for you is to opt for a close-to-neckline pattern. An attractive element is the golden vertical stripes in it. Try this.

Vertical Striped Blouse
Source: Pinterest

Kasavu Saree With Kalamkari Blouse

Kalamkari has a peculiar style of hand-painted design, which is solely made by natural dyes and has a finished pattern. Thus it has a huge fan following.

Like me, are you an ancient art lover?

Kasavu saree with kalamkari blouse is a graceful combo. Check out green blouse designs for Kerala saree to explore yourself?

Kalamkari Blouse
Courtesy: Radhika Manju

This photo looks pretty grand and fashionable because of the rich and antique art on the blouse design. Adding bangles and a traditional necklace can level up the entire picture. It is always more satisfying to go on with a simple face makeup to flatter your overall style.

Wear this with oxidized silver jewelry and a large green bindi for an attractive saree style.

Green Puff Blouse

Puff Sleeve
Source: Pinterest

Isn’t that just stunning?

Try this green puff blouse on this wedding season to grab some amazing compliments. If you are willing to seem attractive, then this is often one of the simplest styling partners for you which will assist you to seem unique and attractive almost anywhere you go.

Puff sleeves are a classic and they work best with traditional Kerala sarees

This will surely leave you to grab a score of applause. Just add that heavy temple jewelry to emphasize a supplementary charm to your whole outfit.

This look may be a fail-proof wedding or special day attire.

Green Puff Blouse 1
Source: Pinterest

Which of these green blouse designs do you prefer the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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