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Jewelry has the magnificent potential to elude both time and fashion. Even the most unusually molded earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings have been worn for generations as daily accessories. Whether you prefer pearls or diamonds or wear silver or gold, a good piece of jewelry can make a statement on its own or go well with your go-to outfit. Memories of jewelry can evoke another reason to invest in fine jewelry or even to purchase it for someone special. A piece you wear daily can become a keepsake to be passed down or serve as a reminder of a particular period in your life. This article is all about the emerging brand “Adore By Priyanka”

Moreover, India has a history of producing jewelry that is regarded as having royal status. Our social media feeds are flooded with pearlescent jewelry, layered gold chains, and hand-picked earrings with hoops, studs, and cuffs, all of which are frequently worn with a simple outfit because a great jewelry collection has the ability to transform a plain appearance into something much more special. One such brand in India which has winned the hearts of thousands of customers is “Adore By Priyanka”. Their unique and appealing jewelry made from pearls and natural stones made the brand stand out from the crowd. To bridge the gap, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ was founded, which has now developed to be India’s first and largest natural stone boutique.

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Jewelry Stores: Adore by Priyanka’s successful journey

The young and vibrant founders of this brand, Sudhir Kumar and Priyanka Krishnan turned the brand into the emerging brand of India with their magical touch on each piece of jewelry. The jewelry brand is significantly expanding its presence all over India and showcases more than 500 unique designs in its catalog. Although some of the royal gold jewelry accessories are made in India, there weren’t many natural stone products on the market. Today, Adorebypriyanka is one of the most famous jewelry stores.

They specialize in carefully curated jewelry and their timeless classics upgrade the look even in a simple outfit. Their jewelry is designed for daily wear as well as party wear. With no compromise in quality, they offer an exquisite jewelry collection at budget-friendly prices. Their products are displayed on their website and can easily be purchased. Their shipment and delivery process is very secure and reliable. Many influencers have collaborated with them just because of their product quality. They provide special attestation to each product and its detailing. They believe that their customers are their pride and never disappoint them.

The brand’s growing popularity in the e-commerce space is one of the primary reasons for its success. As of today, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ has reached a larger audience by providing its customers with a premium experience through online media. Furthermore, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ reflects India’s diversity. The brand has beautifully showcased the country’s rich heritage through its jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, combo designs, and signature accessories.

The latest trend in Jewelry


Budget Friendly

Yes, you heard it right!

Adorebypriyanka is one of the most demanded jewelry stores. Today they are the first choice of women, especially for brides. They will never upset you to look like a diva in your special moments. Because they provide unique and statement ornaments. Their bold neckpiece category will amaze you! Most of them are a little pricey. But not when you compare it to other online stores. But still, budget-friendly options are also there.

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Countless jewellers have revealed that customers are becoming more accepting to efforts to recycle their unwanted jewellery and prefer vintage and antique jewellery to new. Jewelry is the focal point of any outfit, whether it be ethnic or western. It is trendy at the moment to wear bracelets, bangles, and chains with multiple layers.

To dazzle away in weddings days, brides prefer heavy chokers and long-thick chains with stones and gems to elevate ethnic looks while with gowns the prefer minimalist jewelry that adds to the beauty of gowns. Also small earrings and matchings rings goes more with western bridal wears. Recreating their mothers bridal look is also being in trends nowadays.

Adorebypriyanka coupon

Adorebypriyanka coupon code usually gives 15% off. If you check their social media handles daily, you may get their active coupon codes. Their app is also provided in the play store.


If you are always looking for jewelry that is not just trendy but also functional, then this article is definitely for you. As the brand continues to release new designs each month, it hopes to expand its digital presence. Sudhir Kumar elaborated, saying that the brand intends to expand into new markets by the end of 2023. Adore By Priyanka, which consistently provides extraordinary experiences, is predicted to generate more than Rs 25 crore in revenue by the end of 2025.

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