12 Simple Mehndi Design That Will Wow Everyone

For thousands of years, the art of Henna—also known as mehndi—has been practiced throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Henna is traditionally used for its cooling properties to help beat the heat in hot desert climates.

Henna is also used for medicinal purposes, and has been applied throughout history to help treat ailments such as stomach aches and headaches.

Over time people discovered that skin could be decorated with this mixture as it had medicinal qualities. Moreover, people started to implement Simple Mehndi Design on their favorite occasions.

Simple Mehndi Design
Image : the_soul_aart

There are many flower mehndi designs that you will come across but all are not feasible to make. Some are very difficult to draw and hence you need an expert hand.

So, in such cases, you look for easy flower mehndi designs that can make your hand look captivating. As you know, henna’s fragrance spreads positive vibes too and so it is applied irrespective of occasion to spread happiness and also to ensure that your hands look attractive.

Every home has its stash of henna. It is like a staple in every kitchen. Nowadays, people prefer to use ready-to-use henna since it saves time and is hassle-free. When you go out for a party, you have no option but to apply flower mehndi designs on your palms to look elegant and beautiful.

Flower Henna is used to decorate hands on various occasions such as parties, weddings, and other events. There are a number of floral designs that one can opt for considering their skin tone, event type, and occasion.

Let’s check 12 Simple Mehndi Design for every occasion or celebration!

Lotus flower mehndi design

The lotus is a beautiful flower. The design is so simple that it looks wonderful even in the space of your hand. This design is easy to do and can be accomplished in less than an hour. To make a pretty pattern on your hand that highlights the lotus, first use dark henna to outline the spaces around your palm and fingers.

Then fill out these spaces with thin lines of henna and allow it to dry. This design will look great with dark clothing or a lighter top for summer wear!

lotus flower mehndi design
Image : the_soul_aart

Rose flower mehndi design

Bold flowers look simple, but it is not always easy to execute the drawings. This isn’t because it looks simple; instead, it requires a lot of time and effort to get done with designs.

cute rose flower mehndi designs
flower henna design

The key point is that you need to be artistic with your hands for this type of design. When you draw the intricate designs, then bold flowers would look really fascinating. And when you are going for a modern Christian wedding function, then bold flower mehndi designs are best to go with any outfit and attire. Moreover, green blouse designs for Kerala saree seem to be the best pair for bold flower mehndi designs.

Alta Mehendi designs

The Alta mehendi design for the left hand is a little high on the palm. This mehendi design consists of leaves, strokes, and some flowers.

Alta is considered to be an auspicious liquid that people usually apply on their fingers and toes at some festivals or occasions. It is one of the most creative and captivating flower mehendi designs that give a realistic look.

You need to practice drawing this pattern on your palm first before applying it as drawing the Alta mehendi design looks easy but it isn’t!

Centre flower mehndi design

centre flower mehndi design

This simple mehndi design has a flower in the center with multiple leaves covering all around, which makes it perfect for kids. Especially on Eid day when you want them to be show stoppers, this simple yet beautiful and chic design will do the trick!

easy centre flower mehndi design

Leaves mehndi design

This is a simple dark hand mehndi design to try out. It is a good variant if you want to experiment with mehndi designs but do not want anything too intricate or high-end.

leaves mehndi design

To start this, all you have to do is make a couple of flowers on the palm at different places. Connect them and fill up some space in between using strokes, leaves, and buds. Let’s see how it turns out!

Back hand mehndi design

back hand mehndi design
Image: the_soul_aart

These backhand Mehndi designs need not be only for a bride, but you can try these beautiful patterns for any special occasion, from festivals to significant family functions. So flaunt your beautiful hands with the graceful beauty of these mehndi designs.

Front hand mehndi design

easy henna design

Wearing freshly designed mehndi designs in your front hands can give you a feeling of unlimited beauty and joy. So, you must be careful while choosing your outfits as it is the most important factor to increase the beauty of your Mehndi design.

front hand mehndi design

Hathphool mehndi design

When you’re thinking of summer weddings, let us inspire your next mehndi look! From abstract designs that we have seen on our favorite celebs to mini-tarts and intricate patterns, these are our favorite Mehndi ideas for the bride & bridesmaids.

elegant hathphool mehndi designs

Abstract Mehendi design

Abstract designs are the hottest henna trends for brides and guests looking for simple, but modern designs that are stylish. These designs look best on all skin tones, from fair skin to deep brown skin. With a little practice, you can create some beautiful abstract henna designs in minutes!

abstract mehndi design

Feet mehndi design

simple feet mehndi design

Henna is a beautifying and conditioning treatment for your feet. Henna leaves, which are ground and mixed with oils, are applied to the feet and gently rubbed in; allowing the henna to take effect with the natural moisture of your skin. Your feet will be clean, protected, and conditioned.

feet mehndi design

Anklet henna designs

This ankle mehndi design with floral motifs is a minimalistic trend to try. The brides of today are keen on experimenting and this design is just amazing.

anklet henna designs

Keeping it simple yet trendy, in line with the beautiful jutti the brides wear, you must try this easy mehndi design for beginners.

Arabic simple mehndi design

easy arabic henna designs

Arabic Mehndi designs are gaining popularity in the modern world. Modern women nowadays prefer traditional and classy bridal henna art on their hands and feet. These Arabic Mehndi designs can also be used by bridesmaids or grooms.

cute arabic henna designs

We know how much time you spend browsing the mehndi designs as it is a trend that has now become YOUR TREND.

You are tired of browsing, clicking, and uploading pictures on Instagram. The same mehndi designs look boring when you see others or even your own pictures.

We have researched and found 12 Mehndi Designs that help your social media pictures Go Viral!

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