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Fashion is one of the easiest ways to express oneself. The challenge lies in finding the right look at an affordable price.

Moongoddesscouture strives to pair these two requirements by providing ready-to-wear clothing that are as stunning as they are affordable.

An Entrepreneur Who Lived Her Dreams | Moongoddess couture

Anitha, who hails from Kerala in India, had her own dream—to open a boutique. While it took years to fulfill her dream, all Anitha’s hard work has finally paid off, as she has opened an incredible boutique.

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Each piece in this collection has a unique story; it is literally a kind experience.

When started her first men’s boutique in Thrissur, Kerala, 16 years back. At the time, few people knew what a men’s boutique was.

Anita’s idea was that setting up a store to sell men’s apparel would be successful, as at the time it was an untapped market.

she was not aware that this would be an amazing journey for her.

Not only has this player been number one in her life, she is also number one at everything she does.

Moongoddess is the first boutique in Kerala to earn 1 million-plus followers on Instagram. Now moongoddess couture is one of the most popular brands on Instagram (Clothing brand on Instagram). These followers are not from Kerala, but also from Malayalees living abroad. One of the things that set them apart from other boutiques is their affordable clothing that’s affordable to everyone. Moongoddesscouture review indicates that they have an appealing customer base.

A Place Where Quality Meets Affordability

In front of the Malayalees who do not want to see the churidar embedded in one photo or put in one event, what sets them apart from other establishments is the affordability that is quite affordable to the common man.

The Moongoddess, who is always different with everything, has come up with a ready-to-wear set that can be worn in a short time for this Vishu. “Sari and set Mundum are a costume that Malayalees always like to wear and see. Moon goddess couture saree are easy to wear and you will look like a diva in it

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Many women struggle to put on a sari, including myself. Anita says, “Today’s ready-to-wear concept is the idea behind how to wear a sari in a very short period of time.”

Each Kurti offers a complete satisfaction that suits the tastes of the customers. Anita’s experiments are not limited to Kurtis and salwars. For the fulfillment of wedding dreams, a bridal section called Moongoddess Bridal has been set up in Panampilly Nagar.

Following in her father’s footsteps, she started with a ladies’ collection in Thrissur.

She later started Moon Gods in Angamaly.

They grew up in this area, transforming their own home into an institution while everyone else was at home in the local town due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The long line of customers was later seen as not even a single shop could be opened. Moon goddess brought the goods in bulk and delivered each dress of their choice to the customers at a reduced price.

High-quality fabrics and low prices have attracted new customers to Moon Goddess. Moon Goddess also grew with customers. Today, Moon Gods is a refuge for over 130 members.

Everyone confuse that they are boutique owners. But they are actually running couture. Minimum 35-55 working days are their manufacturing period. Moon goddess couture shop is now in panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam

Her husband Akhil and children are with her full support for the idea of ​​Anita’s world-famous Moon Gods from Thrissur.

Every day, Anita’s life shows that success is guaranteed if we work hard and follow our desires if we do not change anything for the sake of anything.

This woman is making a perfect effort. !

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Anita says, “At moon goddess couture, we believe in the same that you should never compromise on your style regardless of the price. Just like our designs, our prices cover a broad spectrum. We have each customer’s budget in mind and ensure to give them the best that they deserve without getting stuck up within the lower end of their budget.

We bring to you a wide range of beautiful ethnic wear; From saris, lehengas, anarkalis, embroidered drapes, and salwar kameez. We make sure that we always have something for everyone.

Our garments are completely handmade to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality items available in the market that’s why it takes 75 days to deliver an item. We make sure our clients receive unparalleled style statements of moon goddess couture garments as well as luxurious comfort with every product they buy to come.”

Today, moongoddess couture is an international brand. It has won the hearts of customers from all over the world. Moongoddesscouture is a distinct and elegant combination of tradition, clothing, and comfort.

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